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Avoid unparliamentary language in your RTI

The commission came heavily on the RTI applicant who wrote “cheated by SBI” above his name and signatures.

If such behavior continues on the part of the appellant, the Commission will have no option but to take action as per the law of the land. The appellant is advised to refrain from the use of such language in his communications in future.

The Public authority stated during the hearing that the appellant was in the habit of writing unpalatable words like “cheated by the SBI” and using unparliamentary language in his RTI applications Read more ›

Vexatious and frivolous RTI are ground of denial

frivolous RTIAfter filing 30 applications on the same subject with different names but with the same handwriting, Central Information Commission came heavily by warning to desist from misusing the provisions of the RTI Act for settling his personal scores with the respondent. CIC further stated that “In case the appellant continues to prefer RTI applications which are vexatious and frivolous in nature with a view to disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority, then the PIO will be free to deny information under the provisions of section 7 (9) of the Act.”

It is certain that this variety of the vexatious and frivolous petitions is not going to serve the interest of the Right to Information ⎯ the self-serving, pious protestations of serial petitioners such as this one notwithstanding.

NDMC, the Respondent informed that appellant who has filed at least 30 RTI applications in different names with similar queries, having the same handwriting regarding pending payment of M/s Gyan Const Co. against work done by the agency. Read more ›

Probe into the motive behind repeated RTI

motive behind activismContinuing their earlier decision of ‘No Right to Repeat‘, now Central Information commission has gone a step ahead and directed to seek a probe by an appropriate authority into the motive behind the RTI applicant repeated RTI questions in such a reckless manner. This probe is intended for Public Authority to know whether repeated questions are guided by public interest or private interest! If you want to file RTI Online, please read our guide on filing RTI online here. You can download our sample RTI forms here!

The Commission considered this case as the case of repetitive use of RTI assuming the proportion of harassment to the Public Authority and reckless abuse of RTI. Read more ›

Fight of a bold officer against abuse of RTI

fight against rti activistCentral Information Commission gave a title to the decision in which CPIO steadfast fought against the disgruntled employee, who blatantly misused RTI, subverted process of law with malicious intentions as Fight of a bold officer against abuse of RTI and directed the Public Authority to place this order in their official website under the heading ‘Fight of a bold officer against abuse of RTI’ in their RTI Section. (If you want to file an RTI , please go to our guide to file RTI online)

Shri Sanjay Chaturvedi posted as a Principal & APIO in the Govt. Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya Chirag Enclave, New Delhi submitted to CIC that he is aggrieved with repeated RTI applications filed by Shri Ranjan Sharma (RTI Applicant) and the order passed by the Appellate Authority who allowed inspection of records and directed to provide the documents, free of cost. As the First Appellate Authority has no power to review its order once passed and communicated. CPIO being aggrieved with the decision of the First Appellate Authority, have approached Commission under Section 19 (3) of the Right to Information Act, 2005. For any RTI help, head straight to our forum and post your query. Read more ›

Prevent harassment of victims of crime through RTI- CIC recommends to Govt

harassment of victims of crime through RTI

harassment of victims of crime through RTI

Central Information Commission had to intervene in a serious case where a murder accused tried to use RTI to obtain school details of son of murdered victim. However, by the time CIC could pass and prevent disclosure, the school had not minded the security issue of the child of murdered victim and had already disclosed part of the information. CIC recorded that “They should have not given any information to the accused RTI applicant and Commission directs no further disclosure of any information in this case.”

The questions that were sought under the RTI application were in no way helpful to accused in a murder case. Seeking school details of son of murdered victim posed a serious security threat to the school going boy. The Commission directed the school authorities not to create security problems to the boy by giving information which can be denied u/s 8(1)(g) of the RTI Act.

CIC observed that “This is a case of misuse of RTI by the accused to harass the son of victim of murder. The Commission strongly recommends the Govt. of India to take necessary steps to prevent harassment of victims of crime by accused of that crime through the RTI channel, the objective of which is not to be a tool in the hands of accused. The appeal is rejected.” At our forum our members have listed many such cases of Misuse of RTI, please visit the link to read them. Read more ›

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