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Heavens do not fall if there is no immediate imposition of penalty- CIC

heaven do not fallAfter his son not getting good marks in the MBBS exam, father filed RTI to obtain copy of question paper and answer keys and disclosure of marks from the University. RTI Applicant stated that supply of the documents after completion of the admission process would be embarrassing, humiliating and prejudice to the life and liberty of his son, therefore if he is given a speedy access to the said documents, then his ranking is likely to move­ up. However, Central Information Commission did not agree to this and recorded that “Complainant has failed to prove how the non­ disclosure of information affects the life and liberty of his son. (If you want to file RTI Online, do read our guide on how to file RTI online here) His son getting poor marks and his son’s belief in having done well in Botany and Zoology is not good enough to invoke the ‘life and liberty’ clause. It is not proper and correct to treat every application for disclosure of marks sheet or key etc, as life and liberty related application. Hence that plea was rejected by CIC. Read more ›

Fight of a bold officer against abuse of RTI

fight against rti activistCentral Information Commission gave a title to the decision in which CPIO steadfast fought against the disgruntled employee, who blatantly misused RTI, subverted process of law with malicious intentions as Fight of a bold officer against abuse of RTI and directed the Public Authority to place this order in their official website under the heading ‘Fight of a bold officer against abuse of RTI’ in their RTI Section. (If you want to file an RTI , please go to our guide to file RTI online)

Shri Sanjay Chaturvedi posted as a Principal & APIO in the Govt. Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya Chirag Enclave, New Delhi submitted to CIC that he is aggrieved with repeated RTI applications filed by Shri Ranjan Sharma (RTI Applicant) and the order passed by the Appellate Authority who allowed inspection of records and directed to provide the documents, free of cost. As the First Appellate Authority has no power to review its order once passed and communicated. CPIO being aggrieved with the decision of the First Appellate Authority, have approached Commission under Section 19 (3) of the Right to Information Act, 2005. For any RTI help, head straight to our forum and post your query. Read more ›

RTI brought respect back to teacher after two years

rti brought respect to teacherThis is a case study of how after two years of suffering and harassment, a teacher got his respect back by using an RTI. A must read for all of us who are still exploring about RTI. If you want us to help you in drafting or correcting your RTI, please post at our forum here. You can also learn how to file RTI Online by following our guide.

On a false complaint of a student, an inquiry was ordered against a maths teacher wherein feedback was taken from students asking them whether they liked the teacher or not. The school dropped the charges against the teacher after finding that there was some kind of politics at play in the school and there was an attempt to vilify the teacher.

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You can obtain information about Commercial use of the school premises under RTI

commercial use of schoolObtaining information from Unaided Recognised schools is possible by applicability of section 2 (f) of RTI Act by which information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority has to be provided. Thus when an RTI applicant wanted to know the action taken against the S.M. Arya Public School for making commercial use of the school premises, Central Information Commission allowed it by directing Directorate of Education to use its regulatory powers under Rules, 50, 179(2), 180 and 183 of the DSER&A ­1973. (You can read many related discussions on Schools and RTI at our forum, and if you have any query, you can ask from our experts here!) Read more ›

Search for the file which is not missing but misplaced

missing but misplacedAn employee, against whom an inquiry was conducted, has been asking for the copy of the inquiry report from past 6 years. He claims to have already obtained from the office concerned, he also claims to have obtained a copy of noting of DDE unofficially. But according to PIO the files are missing. The Commission directed the Directorate of Education GNCTD, Delhi to make a thorough investigation and search for the file which is not missing, but misplaced, as stated by the appellant and report the same. (If you have any query regarding RTI, kindly post it over our forum here!)

The employee has every right to have a copy of inquiry report and the relevant annexure, under the principles of… Read more ›

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