Who is RTI Activist

RTI NewsletterRTI Activist is someone who works to make information available to the general population. They are people who are driven by passion and keen to share information more widely. They are the people who see the need for change and improvement on a large scale inside the Government.

Information Scientist Anthony Molaro coined the term ‘Information Activist’ in 2009:

“An information activist is a vigorous advocate of knowledge gained through study, communication, research or instruction”

But we strongly believe that it’s not where you’re from; it’s not where you’re at: it’s what you do. The reality is that RTI activism is not about how you look or the clothes you wear: the sine qua non of activism is doing. We feel it is more important to look at the actions being undertaken rather than how individuals define themselves.

For some Activism comes naturally, while for others, it’s something that comes as a result of problems they see or upon learning about something they passionately believe needs to change. Whatever the reason for wanting to become an RTI activist, the Activist pursue their cause relentlessly no matter their age, their means, or their background. That is the beauty of an RTI Activist.RTI Activist tries to learn and know the RTI lawsCourt JudgementsRTI Decisions and Cases, and other legislative, administrative, and judicial processes of India and of various states as a basic ammunition for their work.

Knowing how to effect change to laws and how to make the most of the legislative system is important for every activist.

Some RTI Activist work solo, especially with the advent of Activist community at RTI INDIA, being an individual activist is lot more easier now than ever, as one can use RTI forums to communicate, blogs to air their views and in case of any difficulty in understanding various aspects of RTI, they can also call up an Activist directly by visiting the Activist Directory. Social media microactivism is a new and growing trend and opening an Activist profile at RTI INDIA, shall kick start your RTI Activism.

However, many work with others. They join the facebook RTI group or they start their own links inside rtiindia.org and request for collaborators by joining here. One of the advantages RTI Activist gets by being part of a RTI community is the extended power, resources, networks, and passion it provides. It’s also an excellent opportunity to practice your RTI skills and to learn how to work with others.

While it’s great to think big, it’s also important to think small and focussed on gradual development by equipping yourself with grass root knowledge and experience. By using various tools RTI Activist should think through all the possibilities for slowly unleashing change at school, office, society, park, roads, or matters such as cleanliness in the surroundings.

Who is RTI Activist

Many people can be classified as ‘activists’ and many actions can be interpreted as ‘activism’, but this doesn’t mean that all activism is carried out by activists. Therefore, when you start drafting your first RTI, you should start with RTI Activism in mind and with your persistent efforts and success with more number of RTI’s you shall one day become RTI Activist. Read the many Success stories by RTI Activist. If you are prepared to become RTI Activist, follow this website which teaches you step by step process to become RTI Activist: How to Become RTI Activist.

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21 comments on “Who is RTI Activist
  1. bharat khandelwal says:

    How can I join the RTI activist community.

  2. shashavali says:

    I ask the public atleast one person of honest aand daring in a street of the village or one person in each ward of cities must ask the essential matters of different kinds through RTI APPLICATIONS. Then we see lot of changes in in village & city improvements by different kind

  3. VINOD KANOJIA says:

    This is very sharp wepon for common-men of this country he can removed all Dirty-corruption & give corrupt-free future to next generation.

  4. shashavali says:

    Help the nation by applying RTI forms for your & others informations required. Get results actual clear picture going on & happened

  5. Umardarazchasmawala says:


  6. Beniwal says:

    all are Requested to upload decisions by CIC/SIC/HC/SC for any particular section of RTI act for us all to keep note and act accordingly against the CPIO/SPIO who are habitual in denying information arbitrarily. thanks.

  7. T Jay Shankar says:

    I joined this forum to help all and gain more skills in RTI and fight against corruption as we all know that corruption is the root for all the problems we as a citizen are facing today and i request all my friends to raise your voice when you see anything going wrong.

  8. Rama krishna says:

    Ihave to join for Development of my mother of india

  9. Transperency in public life will provide social commitment

  10. J.M.RAJASHEKHARA says:



    Almost all honest people should get connected directly or indirectly to contribute their share share to clean up society & system. It will automatic good results.

  12. K.J.Joseprakash says:

    An RTI Activist must be a corruptless, selfless person who intends to work for the well being of the whole community by uplifting matters of PUBLIC INTEREST. I am a humble RTI Activist from Kerala with this view.Enlightened so many matters and published them through medias. If we will get the full support from medias it will add wingsa to our social service!

  13. baljitchahal says:

    Aware the people about their right & expose the persons looting the govt. funds by ill means.

    • Ramesh Chander Goyal says:

      I am based in Delhi and have just started filing of RTI applications. So far I have filed 6 RTI applications online. I have started with various information relating to RTI applications filed with a PIO. My experience at Voter Center at Delhi (4 visits to apply, enquire, and collect new corrected voter cards) compled me to get information relating to processing of voter card and time frame for delivery etc. New Voter cards have been received but data in the Voter list have not been updated. There was no sign board there giving information of Senior officer or name of PIO etc. with whom RTI application could be filed. Afterwards I visited District Magistrate office in Delhi. There was no sign board/notice board giving details of PIO, payment of fees. I have a feeling that receiving end at Govt. office are not happy with RTI related work as it has increased their workload. It is not the question of giving relies to RTI applications. It is time for the concerned office to streamline their work based on more than 9 years RTI exposure, switch over to IT, record management etc.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:


  16. chami says:

    “One of the advantages RTI Activist gets by being part of a RTI community is the extended power, resources, networks, and passion it provides. It’s also an excellent opportunity to practice your RTI skills and to learn how to work with others”

    that is what makes 1+1 = 11!

    Violence and threats are common rewards for many RTI activists. We need our own community for our own intellectual relaxation.

  17. Kommajosyula Vasantha Kumar, Srikakulam. says:

    commitment , honesty , dedication, truth in obtaining information and reality is necessary to the activists. this is what i feel

  18. AJAY KUMAR BS says:

    For public intrest collect information & try to reduce complication of the system.

  19. syed jawed says:

    a honest and daring person

  20. madhavi chitluri says:

    Its a good job…

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